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Will to win leads to excellence.... is a high thinking of a vehement visionary who strives sedulously to make it true with the whole hearted commitment is Miss. Meghana Kambham, the founder of SRISHTI WORLD SCHOOL.

She is the guiding force behind a community of learners and educators to nurture minds and promote the development of whole student community by providing the right opportunity creating the comfortable environment.  She is also highly dedicated with a broad vision that has fostered the inimitable success in educating children, Child Health and especially the under privileged and socially backward communities with right motivation and guiding the children to reach the summit of success.

Srishti is an innovative school that approaches education from a new perspective with bold , creative and innovative educational ideas. We hold high standards for students and staff and high level of parent and community involvement and high level of educational experimentation. At Srishti we use practices proven to improve student success. We not only give our students knowledge, but also we give them a way of transforming knowledge into action. Our Vision and Passion has always been to empower students to become innovative thinkers, creative problem solvers ,inspired learners and young entrepreneurs who are prepared to thrive in the modern world.