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Facilitate students to experience the beauty of colors, enjoy the melody in sounds, wonder at the rhythm and symmetry of shapes.  Make them aesthetically alive by induction into various arts – so that they develop graceful expression through dance, feel the ecstasy of music, emote through drama and express their abstract feelings through painting.

Music and dance are the part of social life.  These are closely interlinked with the social structure, festivals and beliefs. India is a country of rich culture. Cultural activities of the school will develop awareness and interest in the students towards own culture. By participating in the school’s cultural activities, students will develop their confidence as well as creativity.

Every Stristian gets and excellent chance to engage himself in the array of cultural activity classes and clubs... the literature club activities,. the drama club activities, the theater club, the dance club and the arts club activities and compete in the National and State level Competitions to win accolades. These activities take place 5 days a week in the remedial hour from 2-3 for the primary school and 3-4 for the secondary school.